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Stretch Limousine (Limo) in Calgary, AB (Downtown)

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At Ridebooker we like to think of ourselves as Calgary, AB (Downtown) business travel specialists. When booking passenger directed ground transportation for up to 6 our Stretch Limousine (Limo) service is ideal. Our exceptional chauffeurs will pick you up from your hotel or the airport and stay with you for the day, meeting to meeting. Alternatively our Calgary, AB (Downtown) based drivers can drop you in the morning and pickup in the afternoon. Our service is hourly-as directed by you... so you get to pick the number of hours you require. We also do Calgary, AB (Downtown) festival, event, celebration and holiday transport. Whether planning a Calgary, AB (Downtown) wedding, a Calgary, AB (Downtown) graduation and prom or a scenic tour Ridebooker has you covered. Our service is easy to use and our drivers know Alberta (Calgary and Area) because it's home. Book online Calgary, AB (Downtown) transportation now!

$185.00 CAD

per hour

$1,850.00 CAD

per day


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  • Gratuity Percent | 15.00 %

Vehicle: Stretch Limousine (Limo) in Calgary, AB (Downtown)

The definition of stylish transport. A stretch limousine is the perfect luxury transportation option for groups that are looking for a fun way to get to their final destination.

A standard stretch limo can accommodate 6 passengers and up to 3 bags. Please note that it is not able to accommodate ski/snowboard bags, golf clubs or bikes.

If you require more space - for luggage or passengers, find out about our other transport options on this route by clicking the Alternative Vehicles menu below or give us a call on +1 866 943-0516 and let us find the best option for you.

  • Max Person Capacity: 6

Pickup and Dropoff Locations

  • Any local address

If you have a question about our services that you cannot find the answer to, please get in touch by any of the following:

+1 (866) 943 0516 (North America)
+1 (604) 639 5050 (International)
+44 (20) 3807 1372 (United Kingdom)
+61 (2) 8518 1297 (Australia)
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