2017 Rider List: The Top 25 Limousine Companies on Earth

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2017 Rider List: The Top 25 Limousine Companies on Earth

As a provider of transport to 5000+ destinations across North America alone, we at Ridebooker think we know a thing or two about what makes a great limousine company.

Here is Ridebooker’s Top 25 Limousine Companies for 2017! Wherever you need to travel, check these guys out and enjoy superlative service – we know you will!

25. Amy Express (Beijing and Mainland China) – AmyExpress is growing and growing fast across Mainland China. The ability to have one touch point in a country that is starting to open its doors to foreign tourism is extremely useful. AmyExpress takes offers uniformed service in all the cities they serves. In fact, uniformed service is so important fly all their chauffeurs to Beijing for their annual service training. We are proud to have AmyExpress on the Rider list for the first time!

24. Thoroughbred Limousine (Lexington, Kentucky) – It is not easy to distinguish yourself online when you are in the limo business. Templated websites with pictures of vehicles floating in front of cities are pretty much all you’ll find… unless you are planning on a trip to the Run for the Roses. Thoroughbred distinguishes themselves on the web just like they do on the ground. This is a company that exudes class and does it right.

23. Press I Car (Barcelona, Spain) – In the current world of Uber and constant digital connection we often judge a car service by their website. If you do that with Press I Car you will be missing a car service the way it was supposed to be. It is cliche to say but service, service, service is the way things are done at Press I Car.

22. Seattle Premium Car Service (Seattle, Washington) – Seattle is an extremely competitive limousine market. There were at least 3 companies that almost made the Rider list this year but in the end only Seattle Premium pushed their way on. Seattle Premium is a down to earth, no-nonsense, get the job done right every time type company. In our opinion that is what you want in ground transportation services… right every time and that they are.

21. Manila Luxury Club (Manila, Philippines) – Manila Luxury Club is more than a limo company… they run yachts, estates and resort properties! Despite all the balls they have in the air, Manila Luxury Club delivers car service that is reliable. They are the full package in a way we haven’t seen before.

20. Highland Executive Limousine (Calgary, Alberta) –  Highland is all about delivering a chauffeuring experience the way it should be. Highland doesn’t just serve Calgary but all of Southern Alberta and especially the Canadian Rockies. Founder Gerrard Connelly mixes old world charm with mountain guide precision.

19. KZ Limousine (Toronto, Ontario) – KZ is quietly taking over Southern Ontario. Niagara Falls, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Muskoka Woods and the 401 to Montreal… they are growing their fleet and their influence. We’re betting the takeover won’t be so quiet in 2017.

18. Met Boston Limo (Boston, Mass) – Met Boston is known for their incredible attention to detail. The company comes by it honestly… owner Tom Shiels is a bit of a legend if you ask Yelp or Facebook. This company takes care of their clients because they care about their clients.

17. Paris Platinum Service (Paris, France) – Paris Platinum is just like France…. refined, timeless and beautiful. Paris Platinum is a great French limousine and they do everything from airport/train transfers to full tours of Bordeaux or the French Riviera.

16. AJ Prestige Limousine (Madison, Wisconsin) – AJ Prestige have been moving up the Rider List fast in the last two years. Alex Letavin hasn’t stopped improving on his business since he started in 2009. Now serving Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago… they are expanding while doing a great job. Iteration, learning, and improvement are the name of the game at AJ Prestige.

15. Rome Limousine (Rome, Italy) – Bob’s Limos is a one of a kind. Our Rider List reconnaissance visit to Rome very much confirmed the glowing tripadvisor reports all over the internet. Bob’s secret isn’t a huge fleet or luxury cars but his attention to detail and a love for Italy, its people and history. Bob tells great stories and delivers great service!

14. Dallas Limo Services (Dallas, Texas) – Dallas Limo lives their vision “make your journey amazing”. When our team looked them up to confirm the stories it was quickly very clear this is a company focused on showing off their town. The staff live Dallas (and football) and it shows. Dallas Limo is a company to be contended with for a long time.

13. All Star Limousine (New York, NY) – It isn’t the first time there have been two companies from the same city in the Rider List and based on All Star’s service and their competition across the river it won’t be the last. All Star is a rockstar when it comes to this business. They serve the stars and they serve their community. Family-run All Star definitely “is not your typical limousine company”.

12. BCH London (London, UK) – Formerly known as Brown’s, BCH has served London for 36 years. The Rider comments we have received say BCH just gets it right every time. The vehicles are immaculate, the drivers turned up and the service is fit for a king… or a Queen, I guess. BCH has become a permanent fixture on the Rider List.

11. Baja Limousine (Sacramento, California) – Whether partnering with the wine experts at Napa Tours or pushing for improved limo safety standards Glen Main’s Sacramento-based Baja Limo company is a true industry leader. Baja is one of the big fish but this group has managed to keep their feet on the ground.


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10. Diva Limousine (Burbank, California) – A lot of companies talk about their “customer focus”, while Diva delivers. They are one of the world’s largest limousine companies but they haven’t let that steal their dedication to their client. A lot of companies put pictures of fancy cars next to Gulf Stream jets on their Facebook profile… Diva’s is believable!

9. Angel Limo (San Francisco, California) – The Angel team studies the transportation business unlike any we know. They have an eye firmly on the future of transportation and technology. It is that research and focus that have allowed them to grow into one of the leading global affiliate networks on the planet. Although Goldie, Dustin and their team take transportation incredibly seriously they are always up for a laugh. These guys are a good time!

8. Aspen Limo Tours (Portland, Oregon) – Aspen is really good at what they do. They have invested an amazing amount of time and effort in their Tours and Getaways which really put Oregon on display. When dealing with Aspen their pride in their home state is obvious. You can’t help enjoying travel with people who love their home like Aspen.

7. Penguin Limousine Service (Sydney, Australia) – We first found the Penguin team at the 2012 NLA Las Vegas Limo Show. Penguin is a studious bunch, who are always getting bigger, smarter and better. If you are looking for a company to manage your outbound work in Australia Penguin is the right choice.

6. Mountain Cars (Denver/Vail, CO) – Denver to Vail and beyond in the snow is a project for the extremely skilled or the extremely crazy. Mountain Cars does it every day of the winter and they do it right. A lot of companies buy the latest and greatest from the limo show to make a splash… forgetting matching fleet to their context. Mountain Cars doesn’t make that mistake; their fleet hits the perfect note.

Scroll down to see who made the coveted #1 spot for Top Limousine Company for 2017!

5. Metro Cars (Detroit, MI) – They are “the original and official”. Over the years Metro Cars have built a reputation for being on the front foot with technology. Obviously, that reputation has been put to the test of late but they have risen to the challenge. The Metro Cars ride hailing technology is allowing them to continue to out compete all comers… including the new guys. Still serving big corporate accounts and simple consumer airport transfers with service and style.

4. Excel Limousine (Vancouver, BC Canada) – They just keep coming through in the clutch. Like the rest of this list they offer incredible service but there is just something special about Excel. Whether it’s dealing with snow in Vancouver or unloading a cruise ship single handedly they get it done. Rider reports are full of stories of the Excel team going way above and beyond. We’ll blame owner-operator Howie So who is as meticulous as his company.

3. Empire CLS (New York, NY) – Empire CLS has come a long way since 1980 when David Seelinger started Empire Transport Services in Norwood, New Jersey. Through international expansions, major league mergers and more awards than we can count they have kept the charm and focus that made them successful on day one. Empire CLS is now the largest independent limousine operator in the world with offices on both coasts and services around the world. What else can we say… they are great at what they do.

2. Addison Lee (London, United Kingdom) – “Not your ordinary car service” for sure! The pace of growth and the outside of the box business practices make Addison Lee the most interesting story in the ground transportation. That is saying something with the war Uber/Lyft are engaged in with the limousine world. Carlyle’s private equity money has changed the game and this little taxi company has rolled up Cyclone, Tristar and Flyte Tyme in under 2 years. The service is good, the story is better. Keep your eye on this one.

1. Windy City Limousine (Chicago, IL) – Although President George Jacobs’ charity auction outbid of himself technically happened in 2015 it snuck into our consideration for this year. Windy City Limousine has a long record of serving the city of Chicago with drivers and vehicles that go above and beyond. This is just another trophy on the shelf for Windy City who also took home the LCT Operator of the Year Award. 2016 was another one of those years!


The Rider List takes input from users, affiliate networks and social media to compile what we think are the best in class. If you think there is a company that should be considered for the 2017 Rider List email us at info@ridebooker.com.

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