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Shuttle from Charlottetown to Summerside

Rates valid until Dec 31, 2016

$69.00 CAD

Adult (13 - 65)

$64.00 CAD

Senior (66+)

$50.00 CAD

Child (0 - 12)



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About: Shuttle from Charlottetown to Summerside

The PEI to Nova Scotia Shuttle bus service can transfer you to many popular locations. These include: Halifax Airport[YHZ], Cornwall, Charlottetown, Hunter River, Kensington, Summerside, Borden, Amherst, Oxford, Truro, Elmsdale, Enfield, Fall River, Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax, Dalhousie, Saint Mary's, The Mount Saint Vincent, QE2 Hospital,and Many Halifax Hotels.


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PEI Halifax Airport Shuttle (To Halifax)

Valid - Sep 9, 2012 Until Dec 31, 2015

Locations D1 D2
1 Cornwall, PEI 07:20 09:051
2 Charlottetown, PEI 07:45 09:302
3 Hunter River, PE 08:00 09:503
4 Kensington, PE 08:20 10:054
5 Summerside, PE 08:30 10:155
6 Borden, PEI 08:45 10:306
7 Amherst, NS 09:30 11:207
8 Oxford, NS 10:00 11:507
9 Truro, NS 10:40 12:308
10 Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) 11:30 13:30
11 Bedford, NS 11:50 13:509
12 Dartmouth, NS 12:00 14:0010
13 Halifax, NS 12:30 14:3011
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sun Sat

Schedule Notes

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  1. Pickup at Tim Horton's
  2. Pickup at McDonalds on University Ave
  3. Pickup at the Hunter River Irving
  4. Pickup at the Save Easy
  5. Pickup at Reads Corner Esso
  6. Pickup at Borden Esso/Tim Hortons.
  7. Pickup at the Irving Mainway
  8. Pickup at the Irving Big stop on Exit 13
  9. Location is at Sunnyside Restaraunt
  10. Location is at the Chapters store, Mic Mac Mall.
  11. Will service most hotels, universities, and hospitals in Halifax.

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    Getting from Charlottetown to Summerside

    Start Point Charlottetown, PEI
    End Point Summerside, PE
    Return Route Summerside, PE to Charlottetown, PEI
    Distance 61.09 km

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    Transfer Capacity Price / Trip CO2 / Vehicle    
    BUS: Charlottetown to Summerside 1 $17.00 CAD 21 g/km View Details Book Now >
    TAXI: Charlottetown to Summerside 3 $190.00 CAD 272 g/km View Details Book Now >
    LUXURY SEDAN: Charlottetown to Summerside 3 $200.00 CAD 260 g/km View Details Book Now >
    LUXURY SUV: Charlottetown to Summerside 6 $240.00 CAD 339 g/km View Details Book Now >
    10 PASSENGER CHARTER VAN: Charlottetown to Summerside 10 $240.00 CAD 258 g/km View Details Book Now >
    STRETCH LIMOUSINE (LIMO): Charlottetown to Summerside 6 $240.00 CAD 320 g/km View Details Book Now >
    LUXURY LIMO BUS (15 PASSENGER): Charlottetown to Summerside 15 $495.00 CAD N/A g/km View Details Book Now >
    47 PASSENGER BUS: Charlottetown to Summerside 47 $595.00 CAD 630 g/km View Details Book Now >

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